Why is it a blessing?

A blessing is not chosen; it is unexpected in my mind.

Throughout my time of raising my daughter I have often been told it was such a blessing to be able to stay home with my child.

Well, I have pondered that statement a lot lately.  It is not a blessing to be a be able to stay home with my child; it is a choice.

There are several good reasons to have one parent stay home with the children.  Here are my reasons:

  1. I wanted raise my child and not let someone else raise her
  2.  I wanted to shield my child from the negative influences of daycare.
  3.  I taught her my values which are Christian values.
  4.  We only have once chance to raise our children.  I wanted to raise a child that had good morals and values.
  5.  I wanted her to grow and mature into a happy and productive adult.
  6.  My husband and I made it work on one income.  When she was older I took on some part time jobs to supplement the income

I can probably come up with more reasons, but these are the basic reason.

My child grew up to a happy productive adult.

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Volunteer work

Yes, volunteering is work. Just not paid work. It can be professional or OJT; on the job training. You can be a novice at whatever job it

My opinion of being a volunteer comes from many years of being a volunteer. I have volunteered in the military as an active duty member and as a military spouse. I have volunteered as a mom in my child’s school and at my church wherever I have lived. Currently I volunteer my time with the local veterans associations.

My attitude about volunteering has soured over the last ten years. I used to think I could be productive since I do not have a paid job.

Over the years I have experienced sad characteristics from volunteers I have recently worked with that make we want to never volunteer again.

These negative characteristics are envy, jealousy, one up man ship,
“I own this job”; don’t enter, or even “I am the boss” attitude.”

I have decided that it isn’t worth the hassle to volunteer anymore. I have been burned, undermined, patronized, envied, etc. at several different volunteers jobs. I am so tired of dealing with people and their antics.

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